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Pedestal Grinders (USED)
GO DIRECT: www.metalworkingsolutions.co.uk/item.asp?id=35

Stevens & Bullivant Rotary Tube Swagers (USED)
GO DIRECT: www.metalworkingsolutions.co.uk/item.asp?id=334

Hare 5 Tonne (USED)
GO DIRECT: www.metalworkingsolutions.co.uk/item.asp?id=349

Hydrovane Compressor (USED)
GO DIRECT: www.metalworkingsolutions.co.uk/item.asp?id=441

Guyson Marr 28T Component Washer (USED)
GO DIRECT: www.metalworkingsolutions.co.uk/item.asp?id=442

John Marshall Model 8 Twin Head Brush Deburring Machine (USED)
GO DIRECT: www.metalworkingsolutions.co.uk/item.asp?id=470

Gate G301 Turret Mill (USED)
GO DIRECT: www.metalworkingsolutions.co.uk/item.asp?id=482

Jafo Jarocin Universal Mill (USED)
GO DIRECT: www.metalworkingsolutions.co.uk/item.asp?id=484

Marshall Richards Model 5F Rotary Swaging Machine (USED)
GO DIRECT: www.metalworkingsolutions.co.uk/item.asp?id=536

Stevens and Bullivant No 8 Standard Rotary Swaging machine (USED)
GO DIRECT: www.metalworkingsolutions.co.uk/item.asp?id=537

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